What Are Crabs

Hundreds of creatures out there in this world, who feed upon other’s blood. Crab is one of them. Crabs are long and gray brown in color.  Its size is about 2mm.  They look scarily and people fear seeing such creatures.  The bite of the crabs affects the eyes, body, hair and abdomen parts to a greater extent.  Human beings suffer a lot if a crab bites knowingly or unknowingly. Gorilla is the only animal, which struggles the most, when it bites.

How this Creature Gets Transferred

The other name for these crabs is public lice.  They pass from person to person and in case of sexual interaction also they jump from one person to another. Even parents will also share their crabs with their children by sharing their towels, clothing, bedding etc., Sometime infections occur for eyes when the crabs spread to the eyelashes.

Symptoms of Crab Bite

  • These crabs generally affect the adults more, rather than the children.  The symptoms and signs of a patient when he was infested with crabs are typical.  
  • First three weeks there wont be any symptoms.  Later on signs appear.  Some of them are itching in the public region etc.  
  • Though not bitten by the insect, itching occurs at various places of the body.  It is simply to say an allergic reaction.  At nights, itching will be very scary.  
  • Another important symptom is red spots and skin lesions.  On your skin, you can see red bumps or spots especially on the abdomen or thighs.  The crabs may spread to the stomach and cause pain.  
  • You can see a dark brown powder or the black powder on the inner garments and underwear.  By that you can understand the crabs are present at your nearest.  Sometimes the skin gets scratched out and the blood can be seen.  

How to Get Rid of It

  • As and when you detect the crabs, you should consult the doctor and medication should be taken at their concern.  
  • They will give some lotion or a cream. Though it could not kill the crab, you can get some relaxation.  
  • Crabs show much influence on the young people who can have sex actively, who have several sex partners, who are having sexual relations with infested person, sharing towels and clothing with the infested person.


Thus if anybody finds suffering with crabs, you should be away from such people.  You should remember that you should not share anything with the infested.  Through the visual examination, doctor can observe the crab and eggs with magnifying glass.  Many creams are available in the market for the itching and you can have it even without prescription.  Applying once such creams on the itching area will get lot of relief.

Consulting a doctor is better than following the pharmacist. For the people who suffer with infestation on eyelashes, they should not pull the nits out. If they do so, eye injury shall be expected.  Eye ointments are given by doctors and they should apply it twice on the lashes. Washing hands after applying is must.  If doing likewise continues for twice a day, automatically you can get some relaxation.

Prevention is better than cure. Crabs can be prevented.  If you understand that you are suffering with crab effect,  you should be away from your sexual partners. Usage of condoms, protecting through not sharing the items, treating the infested person separately can decrease its affect.