What Are Cramps

Cramps are involuntary muscular contraction which are painful and can cause muscle tear if cramp gets worse. Cramps are of four types, abdominal, muscle, menstrual, and hand. Have you ever felt your body being shot by electricity? Stabbed by a knife? And being paralyzed? Well, that is a cramp!

Cramps are a muscle spasm. It is a painful sensation caused by muscle contraction, the common causes of skeletal muscle cramps is because of muscle fatigue, low sodium and potassium. It is of different types: abdominal, muscle, menstrual, and hand cramps.

Abdominal cramps 

Abdominal Cramp is a painful muscular contraction on our abdomen. There are many causes of it, an example is constipation, Dysmenorrhoea, and Dehydration and for the medication the following drugs will help and cure: Buscopan, Ibuprofen, and Paracetamol. Always ask for the Prescription of the Doctor or use herbal medication for alternative treatments.


Muscle Cramps is a twitched muscle on the lower part of the leg also called gastrocnemius, back of the thigh or the hamstrings, front thigh or the quadriceps. Commonly the causes of the such cramps is because of muscle fatigue, dehydration, electrolyte depletion and also, doing new activity which your body never knew or felt before. Muscle cramps can be cured naturally, but to prevent having this kind of cramps, stop doing the activity that cause you to have cramps, exercise the part where you felt the cramps by stretching slowly and massaging it.


Menstrual Cramps is commonly the pain in the belly and pelvic areas that women experience as a result of Menstrual Periods. Mostly, Adolescent girls are the ones who feel this pain, it is also called as dysmenorrhoea There are two types of dysmenorrhoea the primary and the secondary. It is not easy to cure menstrual Cramps because it is a sign of menarche or initiation of menstrual period. However, pain relievers will help to ease the pain for few hours, also hot water and herbal medicines will reduce the pain.


Hand Cramp is a muscular cramp which occurs in the hands, usually it is abrupt but it can get worse or severe and painful. Sometimes having hand cramps is like having a burning sensation which is called paresthesia. Having a muscle fatigue which develops over time, might lead to conditions like kidney disease and dialysis. Sometimes it might result to thyroid disorder and diabetes if cramps leads to chronic medical conditions. Such chronic conditiond affects the whole body. To reduce the pain, slightly stretch the hand to have a relief also, flexing the fingers will help.

Having cramps usually happen in sleep and having an uncomfortable position, that is why when sleeping make sure that your body will be relaxed in a way that we can avoid having cramps.