What are Crocs

Crocs are soft, lightweight, comfortable, multi-purpose clog-style shoes which come in an array of bright colours. What makes them so popular across all age groups is the fact that they have a very practical design and are sturdy too.

Crocs Inc. was started by tree friends, Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson and George Boedecker, Jr. who started a company in 1999. it was only in 2002, that these friends bought the rights of manufacturing operations of a Canadian company called Foam Creations. They tweaked Foam Creations original clog shoe design and showcased the shoe at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida in November 2002.

For the name of the shoe, the friends decided on Crocs, which is short for Crocodile. Like the crocodile which is an amphibian, Crocs can be worn comfortably in water as well as on land. Its unique and comfortable design is what attracts people. The shoe has a heel strap which can even be rolled forward to convert it into a slip on. The air holes in the toe part, keeps the foot cool and ventilated. It also allows the wearer to get rid of sand and water quickly. There are many accessories available in the market which can be clipped on to these air holes.

Initially, the shoe was designed to be used for outdoor activities like sailing, hiking, and gardening but due to its comfortable and well ventilated design, people prefer wearing it where they have to stand for long hours like in the hospitality industry.

Crocs are sold not only in USA but in around 40 other countries through departmental stores, footwear retailers, and catalogs. Over the years, the company has expanded their products and they have now added styles like Cayman, Nile, Metro, and Highland are a few of them. Earlier the production was handled from Colorado, USA but now they have manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Canada and other sin Romania, Herzegovina, China, and Italy.

Some people have termed the shoe as ugly but many celebrities like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Chris Rock, and Burt Reynolds have been spotted wearing them, which suddenly made Crocs stylish.

Crocs are made of closed -cell resin material, Croslite. The material makes it odor resistant, slip resistant, light weight and pliable.  Another specialty of the material is that it conforms to the wearer’s and thus offers more comfort.

Crocs are offered in many styles and models like Cayman and Beach are offered in many vibrant and eye catching colours. All the Crocs shoe styles feature the same material, Croslite. Today, the company has gone beyond crocs and they now offer hats, kneepads, sunglasses and other apparel.

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