What Are Cropped Pants

The word cropped means cut, it can be lengthwise or in width. Pants are the garments worn on the legs, starting and tied at the waist. These run down all the way to the feet, with two separate openings for the legs. Jeans and trousers are forms of pants. This leads us to the questions what does cropped pants signify? So simply put, cropped pants are pants which are not the full length and are cut to a lesser length.

Now that we have understood what cropped pants mean lets understand what lengths qualify to be called cropped pants. Anything that is above the knee does not come under pants and would be called shorts. This gives us room for lengths from anything below the knee till the ankles. So a cropped pant can be anything from just below the knees to just above the ankles. For men it primarily is available just above the ankles while for women all sizes are available.

What is the use of cropped pants? The cropped pants are useful in sports and outdoor activities where in there is possibility of damage to the pants. These are suitable for cycling, outdoor works, gardening and similar activities which require sitting and lifting. In cycling the shorter length prevents the pants being caught up in the chain. These are now worn as fashion statement too as shorter length is ideal for summers and it goes well with sandals. Perfect for people who don’t want the legs exposed to the harsh summer sun and yet want to keep legs cool. This may be the reason that cropped pants are found mostly in cotton, though some are available in man-made materials too. Capris are a form of cropped pants and these were introduced in the mid 1900s again keeping in the mind the warm weather and a decade later they became a rage in the Americas too. These have come back in fashion in the 2000s due to their ease of wear and simple design. These were helped by a famous tennis player donning them during practice and matches. It give a tremendous fillip to the popularity of the capris or cropped pants. These are available in a range of colors and fabric now and there are large scale manufacturers for them leading to their availability in large numbers and thus lower prices. These have become a favorite for the younger generation.