What are Culottes

A form of split skirt usually made for full length or up to calf level is called culottes. It has strong resemblance to the skirt even though actually a pair of flowing trousers that is quite loose. This semblance will last only when the wearer is motion less. The moment there is any physical activity from the person will become obvious and culottes can be identified. It can be confused with Skorts which is a combination of shorts and skirt. It is a modest form of skirt.

Women used to wearing modest clothing because of their nature go for culottes. Unseemly exposure of the body does not happen with culottes which at the same time does not hamper free movement. Women took to it especially if they went about horse riding. Configuration of culottes helped women to ride astride on horses. They did not have side saddle if they were wearing skirts. Culottes provided while riding and also a sense of modesty exhibited.

In the 19th century women took to culottes appropriating it from men who were using it as trousers. It was a fashion statement. During the 20th century women from modest families used culottes as a working as well as general garments. With more wide spread use culottes started coming in various patterns to cater to different tastes among different classes of people.

The latter half of the 20th century fashionable culottes came to be called hostess pajamas. They had a strong resemblance to pants, were cut for slim figures and fabric used to be with bright patterns. These came with suitable tops. It has become a practice to offer a complete set. The fabric used for making culottes showing and shining. Silk or rayon is most commonly used. It became a utility garment. 

Though usually made with soft material if the user of culottes is wearing it for modesty, thicker material is selected for making the garment. Some culottes come with pleats. It is very easy to make culottes, especially for a tailor with some experience. Because of the ease with which a culottes can be made soon even by beginners can try their hand at it.

Because of the use by modest women the culottes is used by many Muslim women. More than the modest element it is the freedom of movement the wearer gets that makes culottes appealing to women. They can bear good physical activity and also protects the modesty of the wearer against heavy winds.  No wonder it is among the most popular garments of the women from middle income segment.

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