What are Device Drivers

Device Drivers are small programs that control all the devices or peripherals attached to your computer. Without these device drivers, no device attached to your computer can work. Device drivers are used by the operating system to control the hardware of the system. Without these drivers, your system is lame. Printers, Mouse, keyboards, Displays, CD-ROMs, Speakers and all other devices need a device driver to work. Without these, your system will not recognize any of the devices. When you buy an operating system, most of the device drivers are already built into it. But if later, you buy some other devices, say a webcam; then you will have to install a device driver into your system in order to make your webcam work.

In DOS systems, the device drivers are the files with extension .SYS and the system with Windows have these files with extension .DRV. A device driver acts like an intermediate or a translator between the device and the programs that use that particular device. They tell your system that what the device is; what it needs and all the other instructions that are needed to make that device work properly. Device drivers are very important part of your system as without these, your system cannot do anything. As the technology is growing, the manufacturers also come with new operating systems each day. If you have installed a newer version of an operating system into your system, then it is possible that your currently installed device drivers do not work with the newer installed operating system. In that case, you will have to update your device drivers.

You can do it either by installing them from a CD or you can also download them from internet. Sometime a new device driver comes and the older one goes out of date. In that case, you will have to be proactive and you should keep checking for new drivers. If your device has suddenly stopped working and you cannot figure out any hardware problem, then it can be a case of outdated driver. It is tiring to check each and every device for new drivers. But you need not to worry as device driver update software does this work for you. It will indicate you whenever any of the device drivers in your system will go out of date and then you can download a new one for that particular device. You just need to click a button and a scan will be performed to check the status of the device drivers installed in your system.

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