What are Different Shapes of Skirts

First let us define a skirt. A skirt is a form of apparel that is worn on the lower half of the body. It typically starts at the waist and goes down to either below the knees, down to the knees or end above the knees. The petticoats worn under sarees by the asian women too could be taken under the category of skirts. Basically any cloth or garment that is worn below the waist and does not have separate holes for the legs can be taken under the category of skirts.

If we look at the history of skirts, we will see that they have been worn for over 5000 years. There has been instance of archeologists finding skirt made of straw in a dig. With the gradual course of time as the tendency towards showing waist grew, so did the demand of skirts which added to the forms and variety of skirts offered to the end user.

Let’s now discuss what are the different types and shapes of skirts that have been available to the wearers. The most famous skirt in the recent times would be the short skirt which typically is worn by women tennis players too. These are so small that they literally cover only the inner wear. The skirt is definitely above the knee and sometimes goes only down to the mid of thighs. These can be straight skirts or in a shape. Besides these there are various other skirts but the primary shapes of the skirts are fewer and which is what we are concerned of right now.

There is a straight line skirt which tightly hugs the legs of the wearer’s body which even reduces the movement of the legs. These were also know as pencil skirts. These are worn by women with most of the body shapes and tend to give a slimmer effect to the body. Then there are the A line skirts which are probably the most famous of the skirts ever. These, as the name suggests, are in the shape of “A” and are suitable for every body type and also suitable to be worn on any occasion. There is a bell shaped skirt which again keeping in line with its name is shaped like a bell, suddenly widening at the hemline as seen in bells in religious places. Drindle is another shape of the skirt which depends primarily on the shape of wearer’s body. It’s a cloth which would be tied around the waist and as such would be shape that body is in. Besides this there are men’s skirts and women’s skirts which are worn around the globe but their shapes are more or less under the same above mentioned categories.

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