What Are Different Types of Pantyhose

What are pantyhose? Almost all of us must have seen stockings that women use to cover their legs. Pantyhose are something like stockings except that they go all the way up to the waist and are worn like pants. These are also referred to as tights in some parts of Europe. It is primarily a part of women’s clothing. These are ideal for keeping legs warm in extreme cold conditions and sometimes worn during some sports too. They have another advantage to women who have heavier thighs. The fabric being slippery reduces the irritation caused by rubbing together of skin on inner thighs. Off course if there are any scars or marks on legs, these too covered by the pantyhose.

These came around in the mid of the 20th century and gained popularity because they are much more convenient when compared to stockings as these are held tight at the waist while stockings tend to slip and have to be held up using support. The other reason for their popularity was the fact that skirst were getting shorter and shorter with the passage of time and thus exposing more. Pantyhose became a good way to cover the skin. Pantyhose are generally either made completely from man made fibers like nylon or a blend of nylon with other man made or natural fibers.

What are the different kinds of pantyhose? The primary difference in pantyhose is taken from the thickness or the thinness of the fabric. These are differentiated using a numerical figure which basically takes into account the thickness. These may vary from as low as number 3-4 to as high as number 100. The lower the number the more visible the skin under the pantyhose will be while a higher number denotes that the pantyhose is more opaque and as it gets close to the three figure it gets completely opaque.

There is another form of pantyhose which is used thick and which is used to control the excessive fat on the body and make it look thinner. These may be called control-top pantyhose. There are also sheer pantyhose which are sheer all through the length of the pantyhose. There are also crotchless pantyhose which is sans additional piece of cloth which is sometimes used in the pantyhose to make it stronger around the crotch area. These may also come with an opening in them for taking care of hygienic matters.