What Are Fibroids

Fibroids are known to be non-cancerous cells developed within the uterus. A single cell multiplying within the uterus lining is called as a mass of a Fibroid. With the passage of time, this mass can also develop in to a larger lump depending upon the cell multiples.

Women who are heavy weight are more likely to get inflicted with fibroids as there is an increased level of oestrogen female hormones in their body. There are many different kinds of fibroids like:

  • Subserol fibroids: They grow outside the cavity of the uterine.
  • Intramural fibroids: They tend to grow within the uterus walls.
  • Submucous fibroids: They are normally observed within the cavity of the uterus.
  • Pedunculated fibroids: These fibroids are observed at the stalk. They grow either outside or within the uterus lining.

Causes of Fibroids :

  • Genetic alterations:
    Many fibroids are the result of alterations that are observed in the genes. This directly rules out the possibility for uterine muscle cells. Many cells that alter within the body give rise to fibroids. It is similar to the cancerous cells in which a small DNA change within a uterine muscle can make the cell grow abnormally and form a fibroid. Fibroid however do not spread to other parts of the body as it is observed in the cancerous cells.
  • Hormones:
    The two hormones Estrogen and progesterone are responsible for stimulating the development of uterine lining especially during the initial stage of pregnancy. These hormones promote to develop a Fibroid at a faster speed. It is for this reason that fibroid contains larger contents of estrogen receptors and estrogen as compared to other muscle uterine cells.
  • The nervous system:
    A nervous system controls the entire functioning of the body parts. It is for this reason that a slight imbalance in the entire nervous system is likely to affect any chronic condition. Any imbalance in the nervous system directly contributes to cause endometriosis and fibroids.
  • Emotional Stress:
    Any Excessive emotional, physical or mental stress can worsen many chronic disorders especially endometriosis and fibroids. This is mainly due to a hormonal misbalance caused due to stress which directly depresses the body healing ability.
  • Lifestyle:
    Any unhealthy lifestyle can disturb the rhythms of a naturally body and adversely affect the functioning of a proper health too. A disturbing and fluctuating pattern of sleep, food, exercise can lead to imbalance in the body balancing cycle. It is also a noted fact that this process cannot heal or cleanse all by itself. It is thus necessary to maintain a daily healthy routine that will reduce any physical or physiological imbalance that triggers fibroids.

Normally fibroids do not require any treatment until they are cancerous or either cause severe pelvic pain or heavy and uncomfortable bleeding during the menstruation period. This is thus the right time when you must speak to your doctor and get it removed through a surgery.