What are Fraudulent Orders

Fraudulent orders are kind business orders which provide incorrect or fake information. Information provided in these kinds of orders is mostly nicked. The prevalence of these kinds of orders has increased so much particularly in online circumstances. As a businessman you should be attentive about this issue. It is your duty to detect these kinds of orders and stop gratifying fraudulent orders.

In one kind, person uses name, address and credit card information of another person without his or her consent. Usually this information is gathered from thieved credit cards or identity cards. It can be very expensive for a businessman because once goods are delivered; he loses goods as well as credit card owner demands back his money. In almost every case dealer can’t obtain his goods back once they are delivered.

If dealer or businessman becomes aware about these fraudulent orders and learns about how these orders look alike then he can save himself from these frauds. An order can be identified whether it is fraudulent order or not. First of all, if the order is in bulk of an item then it must be a fraudulent order. Also if different orders are made from same address with different names, in that case dealer should verify all these minor details of orders in order to avoid these frauds. Or if different credit cards are used before making transaction then also it can be identified as fraud. Actually criminals make frauds in so many different ways that it becomes difficult for dealers to identify them. But still with some attentiveness it can be stopped to some extent.

These fraudulent orders cannot be stopped but can be minimized by two different ways:

Dealer should switch on the option of address verification. It will help in identifying fraudulent order by warning you when address verification fails. He should also switch on the option of CID/CVV2 because criminals usually don’t make orders in those sites where CID/CVV2 is collected.

Dealer should take few steps if he receives fraudulent order. He should repay the credit card transaction and should not deliver the goods and then he should request him to pay cash money.

With little effort of dealer, these fraudulent orders can be prevented. So it is duty of every businessman who deals online should be attentive about all these facts so that this crime can be reduced. Not only dealer but as well as credit card owners can also be saved.

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