What are Gel Nails


Long, attractive and good looking nails are a must for the new generation women and it is not in everyone’s destiny. But with the advent of beauty products like gel nails it is no more a regret for not having natural long nails. Now days with a variety of collection of nail designs available to choose from, women find it difficult to prefer between acrylic or gel nails. Gel nails are naturally looking enhancements which are thin, clear and also flexible. Though not common as acrylic nails, gel nails are fast catching up with young women in particular due to its flexible, beautiful and durable looks. Although there being no major difference between the two except for the fact that in acrylic nails, the ingredient used are basically liquid and powder where as in gel nails it is gel. Gel nail gives the nail not only a natural look but also strengthens the nail base foundation. Since they do not use any harmful adhesive like acrylic nails gel nails these days are a much safer option.


Gel nail types


The most universal form of gel nail available in the market today is made of polymers. They are actually a form of pre-mixed gel and are light cured for easy application. This light cured gel is first applied onto the nails and then to dry with the help of Ultra Violet rays. The Ultra violet rays basically helps to harden the gel on the nail and form a neat cover. Another type of gel nail which is popular in the market today is the “no-light” gel. The main advantage of using the “no-light” gel is that it doesn’t require the Ultra Violet rays for hardening the gel. Instead post application of the gel the nails are dipped in water for drying and hardening the gel to form a smart looking cover.


Ways to maintain gel nails


Although gel nails could be less care free, one has to keep in mind that all the phases of application and post application care are done carefully. To get oneself the gel nails applied, one can either go to the nail salon or do it yourself. But for the first timers it is strongly recommended that it be done by a manicurist in a nail salon for the first four sessions. If you are doing it yourself make sure that the previous polish is removed and your nail is properly shaped before applying.


 There are a few important factors which one needs to keep in mind prior and after going for gel nails. Firstly, the hands should be properly manicured before going for any kind of specific treatment. Next hygienic cuticles and plain nails will guarantee the desired results. Although gel nails are slightly more costly than the acrylic nails, the results that gel nails give are far more worthwhile. Also, gel nails give permanent and long lasting solution to cracked or spoiled nails by giving a natural and attractive look. Finally also make sure that the gel nail enhancements are two-three weeks depending upon the growth of your nails.





















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