What are Genital Warts

Genital warts are an extremely infectious sexually transmittable disease which caused through a sub-type of human virus HPV. It is generally spread by means of straight contact of skin to skin through oral, genital sex along with an infected spouse or partner. Genital HPV infection can easily diagnose by the symptoms of Warts.


Infected individuals may address the pinkish or white small or big lumps which appear on the genitals or its surroundings. Genital warts can emerge on or nearer areas of the penis. In women genital warts can appear in the region of the vulva or inner part of the vagina and also on the cervix. Insignificant bleeding may occur, while a woman has affected with warts on her cervix. According to the spreading rate and the individual cleanliness it may raise singly or numerous groups. Even though warts are itching sensitive but they never cause the pain. In some rare cases, even the anal intercourse has not happened also genital warts extends from the genitals to the spot that surrounding the anus.

If anyone feels the experience of genital warts, it is imperative aspect to consult the physician instantly. Currently, our human society facilitated with sexual health centers which are especially provides test for this specific transmittable disease. If some cases genital warts can assumed but are not noticeable, the specialist may pour the type of vinegar like liquid to the genital area and this changes the color of any warts into white and also forming them easy visible. Furthermore to examine the concealed genital warts, the experts may precede the internal check up of the vagina, or anus. If a person believes that he affects by HPV, but not holding any signs also consult the specialist which shield them from the worsen development of infection. Currently, a special type of procedure which can follows in few nations that a physician may go through the wash test for high risky strains of this kind of virus. In women sufferer, this test may be conducted besides of cervical Pap smear test.

General guidelines to deal about the transmittable genital warts:

  • Always utilize the condoms during the sexual intercourse. The unique weapon – condom which shields you from the transmitting genital warts.
  • Never hesitate to consult with the doctor, regards with this disease and also for the safe sex.
  • Ensure that your partner also go through a medical check too, there are chances of occurrence of warts without addressing.
  • Always keep your genitals hygienic and dried up.
  • Avoid scented toilet soaps, special deodorants for vaginal and also bath oils because they may infuriate the warts.

Personal hygienic, perfect usage of condoms and awareness about the transmittable sexual disease are shields you not only from the genital warts but also from horrific diseases like HIV Positive (AIDS).