What are Headphones

Headphones are the listening devices that are placed over or in the ears depending upon the type of headphones the user is using. A user can listen to the desired sound or music which he or she wants to listen to. Headphones contain only speakers which allow a user to hear sound output. Headphones do not have any microphones (which the headsets have). So recording with the headphones is not possible.

The more good the headphone is, the more wonderful is the experience, the user will be having with it. Listening to music is a wonderful experience and hence requires some quality headphones. Good headphones are designed to give good quality sounds, and give a sooth felling to the user’s ears.

There are different types of headphones. Some are over ear headphones that are designed to cushion themselves around the user’s ears and provide quality sound. Some are on ear headphones that look very similar to the over ear headphones but instead of providing cushions, they actually sits on the ears. Some are in ear headphones. These are usually ear buds, which fits inside the ears to give a true experience of music.

The headphones were used to be very bulky sets, but today the headphones have come a long way ahead from those bulky ones. Very light weight and portable headphones are available in the market and that too at mere prices. One most common type is the ear buds which are nearly unnoticed in the ears. Ear buds have tiny speakers that sit inside the opening of the ear itself. The wiring is also very much thinner and more flexible which allows for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience.

There are headphones designed for every circumstance. For example – if the user want to use headphones in a noisy environment, the case isolating or noise cancelling headphones are desirable as they can block out some of the external noise. The users have a wonderful feeling after using this headphone, because it gives excellent sounds in noisy environments.

Now-a- days, wireless headphones are also available in the market. These headphones use a transmitter base to relay signals to the headset thus eliminating the requirement for wires. The user can wear them while walking from one place to another without making any mess with the wires. Both Stereo and mono headphones are available to the users depending upon the user which he or she prefers.

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