What are Heart Murmurs

This world is turning in to a place filled with chaos, destruction, stress and problems which affects the proper functioning of the people’s heart. Heart diseases have become the most occurring cause for the deaths around the globe. This includes wide ranges of heart health conditions such as the arrhythmia, heart attacks, congenital heart failure, heart murmurs and many other kinds as well. It is essential that every person with family history of heart failures should take care of their precious heart by lowering their cholesterol, stop smoking, avoid alcohol, maintain healthy diet, follow a successive exercise regimen, control blood pressure, relax and live a stress free life with high values.

Among the most common heart diseases the specific type of afflictions is the heart murmurs. This occurs mainly in little infant and kids but less in grownups. They might not be very serious but you need to understand the causes, symptoms and treatment available for preventing and curing this condition. Heart murmur Heart murmur refers to various kinds of heart problems. This will be noticed by the doctors when listening to the heart beat of a person while they detect a small abnormal noise. Usually the doctors will be able to hear a steady heart beating sound while for these patients along with the beat they will notice an extra noise.

Then the person is detected by heart murmur or heart mA condition. There are basically two types of murmurs they are,

  • Innocent heart murmur
  • Abnormal heart murmur

Innocent heart murmurs are not serious and will not cause any problem to the person. But an abnormal heart murmur needed to be treated as early as possible. Most of the infants are born with innocent heart murmurs which will fade away as the child grows and start adjusting to the earthly environment. But the abnormal heart murmur calls for a problem such as the narrow heart valve or leak in the heart valve or hole in the heart. Causes of heart murmurs A defected heart valve is the chief condition of heart murmurs but you need to understand that the heart murmurs cannot be prevented like any other heart diseases. This heart condition does not arise because of unhealthy eating or poor exercising or harmful eating habits. And at the time heart murmurs can occur because of various other health conditions also such as the fever, pregnancy and anemia.

The seriousness of the heart murmurs can become threatening issue because of poor health habits. Symptoms of heart murmurs Some of the basic symptoms of heart murmurs are as follows-

  • Excessive sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Inner parts of the mouth and the Skin on the finger tips will turn blue

Treatments It is not necessary to treat any kinds of innocent murmurs but in case of abnormal heart murmurs it is very important that you consult with your doctor and diagnose the root cause with the help of echocardiograms. Your physicians will prescribe you with some medications to treat the heart murmurs and if it the health condition f the patient very worsens they might opt for surgical treatments.

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