What are Home Remedies for Constipation in Babies

Constipation in babies can be very dangerous and it is quite common too. It mostly happens when the baby is switched from breast feeding to the formula or whole milk. It leads to the consistency of the stool and it becomes difficult for the baby to pass that hard stool. You should take several precautionary measures in order to prevent constipation in babies. But if your baby gets affected with this, then get him treated as soon as possible otherwise it can have dangerous results. Symptoms of constipation can be stomach ache, hard stools, loss of appetite etc. Various home remedies for curing the constipation in babies can be:

Feed your baby lots of fruits and vegetables in addition to the breast milk, formula or whole milk. Massage can also be a good option to reduce the constipation in babies. Massage the baby’s stomach using baby oil or baby creams in clockwise motion. Increase the amount of fluids in your baby’s diet. Make him/her drink plenty of water which will help in soften the stools. Prune juice can also be very affective to keep the stools soft. Make sure whatever you are giving to your baby it is in the right quantity and at the right age. Gradually increase the diet. Lay your baby on back and move his/her legs as he/she is riding a bicycle. If you are unable to get your baby drink prune juice then apple juice can be the best alternative. A warm bath can also be a good option to get your baby relieved from constipation. But do consult the pediatricians before giving a warm bath. The food like bananas, rice, white bread as they produce hard stools. If your baby is on breast feeding then increase fluids in your diet too. Drink at least 6 glasses of mineral water a day.

If still the problem persists, then do consult your baby’s doctor. If you see blood in your baby’s stool then immediately see a doctor to make sure that it’s not a serious problem. If your baby is no gaining weight then also see a doctor. Chronic constipation should not be overlooked and no remedy should be used on your own without consulting with the doctor if your baby is not getting well even after trying various home remedies.