What are Hot Flashes

If you have an intense and sudden hot feeling on your upper body and face accompanied by nausea, dizziness, sweating, headache, anxiety or rapid heartbeat, the possibilities are more that you will be suffering from hot flashes. In some cases, women also suffer from an uneasy feeling before the occurrence of hot flash. This condition is followed by a flush, which will leave you perspiring and reddened. Merely a moist or soaker upper lip is also seen during such conditions. A chill is the finale of the episode.

Hot flashes are normally caused due to menopause hormonal changes. However, it can also be affected due to improper medication and lifestyle. Diminished estrogen also has a direct effect on hypothalamus. It is a major part of the brand, which is responsible for controlling sleep cycles, appetite, body temperature and sex hormones. According to the studies, it has been proved that drop in estrogen will confuse hypothalamus. This will also make it too hot.

The heart releasing mechanism is the major activity that keeps the body from overheating during the summer times. However, when a drop in estrogen triggers this process, the confused response of the brain will make you feel very uncomfortable. In some cases of hot flashes, the skin of a woman will rise to six degrees Centigrade. Moreover, the body can also cool down when it should not. You may soak wet in middle of a board meeting in such cases.

Know Who Can Get Affected From Hot Flushes:

According to the study, seventy-five percent of the women experience hot flashes as they approach menopause. Between twenty and fifty percent of women have them for more years. As the time passes, the intensity of this condition will decrease.

If you are a person, who has suffered due to beast cancer, you will have hot flashes like any other women. In some cases, they can become more intense as well as last longer. This can happen when you take hormonal therapy, which is not adjusted to your body. There is a significant variation in the duration, frequency as well as nature of hot flashes for woman who has suffered due to breast cancer. The episode can be for few seconds, few minutes or in some cases for an hour. However, it will take another thirty to forty minutes for you to feel normal. The most common time of this condition is from six to eight during the morning hours or six to ten during the night.


Firstly, it is very important for you to ease the pressure. Make sure you plan your day-to-day activities and work accordingly. For instance, if you are planning for any conference or meeting rehearse your presentation. You should relax and be cool during these sessions.