What are Internet Cookies

Internet cookies are the small or the tiny sized pieces of data and information which is in the form of text. These cookies are downloaded on the computer or laptop at the time when you are visiting many websites. The internet cookie can either come through the internet websites or may be from other providers which are involved in the advertising pamphlets which develops the web page or the website. And so if you are visiting a website that may be the source of internet cookies being downloaded. If you want that internet cookies should not be downloaded on your computer then you should not visit the advertising web sites because majority of the internet cookies are downloaded from these websites. The internets Cookies generally have a set type of Identification number, they also have a domain where these internet cookies are valid, and they also have the expiry date. The internet cookies are in the text form and so it is easily possible to read these cookies in the general notepad also.

There are several reasons for the website to use the internet cookies that are stored on user’s computer. They can vary from the capability to personal data or as the help to the online services and sales or it may be a simple process which collects the various information details. The internet cookies give the programmers a way to rapid and easy methods of maintaining the web site information relevant for the users of the website. There are generally six parameters of the internet cookies which include the internet cookies name, its value, its domain, its expiry date, path of the internet cookies and its requirement for the safe connection.

Different kind of Internet cookies

Internet cookies are generally safe but it is not that all the cookies are safe and should not be trusted. There are generally two kinds of cookies as session internet cookies and persistent internet cookies.

Session cookies are those internet cookies whose life is till the person is visiting the website and the very moment when the website is closed the life of these session cookies ends. And so the session cookies permit the user to access the websites friendly and easily. The other kinds of Internet cookies are the Persistent internet cookies which are saved on the computer and when you are visiting the websites these internet cookies will allow you to access the details which were entered earlier. Generally all the browsers have the options where you can set the time till when you want to store the Persistent internet cookies on your computer.


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