What are Internet Ethics

Internet Ethics are some norms or moral principles which you need to keep in mind while using internet. As the technology is developing, computer has become an inseparable part of our lives. But while making use of computer, we should follow some ethics and some moral values. Ethics means what is good and what is bad. So you should judge that what is good and what is bad. You should not use computer or internet to harm others. If you do this in any way, it is a crime under cyber laws. Some of the internet ethics which govern the internet usage and you should always follow are:

You should never use bad language on the internet while using any service like email, chatting, blogging or anything else like this. Email and instant messaging is meant to chat and talk with the friend and relatives. It is not meant to talk with strangers. You should avoid talking with strangers as it can be a great risk. Avoid forwarding emails to unknown persons. You should not try to be someone else or we can say that you should not try to take someone else’s identity as it can be a crime. Do not try to fool others by giving a wrong identity. You should not break copyrights. You can listen or watch songs, can watch movies etc on the internet but do not download them. Do not steal anyone’s information. It is a crime under cyber laws. Do not hack anyone else’s account. It can lead to the loss of important information to the user of the account and the second thing is that it is a crime too. You should respect copyright laws and all the other cyber laws. Keeping all that in mind, you should use internet and computer. If you need to gain access to a file which is not your own, then first seek permission from the owner of that file and only after that make use of that file. You should avoid displaying pornography on the internet. This is the major and the biggest concern today. You should avoid being obscene on the internet. You should respect obscenity laws. Avoid sending viruses and spam emails to the people. This is also one of the major concerns for the people using internet today.

All the above mentioned norms should be strictly followed. Respect the cyber laws and keep them in mind. Respect privacy of others and as you want others to respect yours. Internet is an open medium of knowledge for the people. Use it properly and in a healthy way

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