What Are Kidney Lesions

Kidney lesion is a serious syndrome and it is alarming for those who have the problem. It is essential that you get proper understanding of what the ailment is so that proper treatment can be made possible. The sufferer, whether it is you or anyone who you know, will face less stressed with a general understanding of what the problem actually is.

What Are Lesions

When an organism forms an abnormal tissue then it is termed as lesion. It mainly occurs because of certain trauma or disease to the tissue. Therefore, lesion means a certain tissue in certain area has been damaged or being in close proximity of another organ that has been impacted. Therefore, the factors that can give rise to lesions are:

  • Skin ailments like chicken pox
  • Trauma like electrocution or chemical burns
  • Metabolic processes like ulcer

What Are Kidney Lesions

The growth of abnormal tissues in Kidney area is termed as kidney lesions. It can be a concern for the sufferers depending on the reason and exact location and also the speed with which they develop. It is not always essential that people will get the common symptoms even if they have lesions in their kidneys. In spite of that, it is essential to know some of the common symptoms of the problem, which are:

  • Renal function impairments
  • back pain
  • Blood in urine

What Causes Kidney Lesions

Trauma, infections or cancer can give rise to lesions. There are two types of kidney lesions, which are malignant and benign. The cancerous lesions are known as malignant, while the ones that are non cancerous are known as benign lesions. Proper treatment is compulsory for the former one, while the later may also need some treatment as it may give rise to medical complications.

Those who have kidney cancer may develop kidney lesion. By providing an ultrasound, in the kidneys a certain mass may be visible, which could be the lesion. Chronic infection in the kidneys may give rise to damage or scarring and it further may give rise to the lesions. Scarring can be caused because of inflammation, surgery or any other aspects involving the kidneys.

Symptoms of Kidney Lesions

It is not essential that kidney lesions will accompany any symptom. It can be discovered by conducting certain tests. Sometimes, regular pain in the abdominal area can be because of the lesions. It is therefore, advisable to perform test to find the exact reason of such abdominal pain. Sometimes, urinary tract infection or persistent fever may give indication of the formation of kidney lesions. If you suspect that you are experiencing symptoms of the kidney lesions, then you should not delay any further and visit the doctor immediately. While visiting the doctor, you must disclose all your medical history to help the expert diagnose easily.

If you have been diagnosed with kidney lesion or anyone who is close to you is diagnosed with the same, then also it is not a reason for alarm. Quick diagnosis and proper medical support can help in curing the ailment.