What Are Medical Records Systems

All hospitals and nursing homes create medical records for all patients who undergo treatment with them. The patients receive the copies of the records and it is for them to maintain the records in an orderly manner for future reference to be used if the necessity arises at a later date. These records used to be voluminous and preserving them over period of time may not be easy. The advent of the computer and the internet has enabled people to store whatever information they need in the computer, with access through the internet at any source outside.

 Methods have been evolved for a proper system in the matter of storing medical history in the computer. Creating medical records is easier than preserving paper records. Even in the normal course of events if you go for periodical check up all that is required for the hospital to get the medical history on the hospitals computer by using the patient’s identification number or code.

 Instead of carrying bundles of files or folders or the hospital having to store hundreds of files of their patient’s medical record a single records system  at one place will store the records of all patients. This results in considerable saving of money for the hospital in terms of cost of paper, files, filing cabinet, and staff to store it properly. The room or rooms allocated for storing file records could be put to better use by the hospitals which are always short of space for their normal activities.

 Files created for records using paper can become unusable due to the problem of fading etc. In case of natural calamities or accidents the records could be destroyed. Storage is permanent if the medical records are created with computer and internet connection. It is accessible at any place. The medical record system helps people who travel a lot as a part of their routine. In case they fall ill, the doctors at the new place can access your medical history through their computers and give you the correct medical treatment.

 Some cases may involve two or more medical practitioners at different venues may be giving treatment or advice for the same patient like in the case of a transplant. Consultation between the various doctors is made easy because everyone can access the medical history of the patient in his computer. This is a great boon because considerable time is saved. The question of prescriptions written by doctors though a matter of jokes is relevant because with medical records system any doctor can read the previous prescription.