What are Merit Badges

Merit badges probably known to be the scout badges are usually regarded as the awards for recognizing the achievements or any other accomplishments made by the candidates belongs to the particular scouting organization. By the word particular, it senses that there avail copious scouting organizations around the world. Some of the renowned in the world are Boy Scouts of America, Scouting Ireland, scouting organizations in countries like Canada, Indonesia, Spain and much more. The badges are usually designed in the clothes so that to make easy of it’s wearing in the uniforms of the winners. The winning of the badges adds reputation to the scouting candidates. As the number of the badges augments, the reputation in the field also rises to the peak.

The badges forms and designs vary in accordance with the different country’s organization as well with the sub divisions of the scouts since it comprises of many levels, there exist some divergence in the badges forms and designs too. Whatever might be the design and field, it will be available in circular shapes only. The basic form of the badges is represented by the pictures which are designed in the middle of the badges.

The ultimate aim of providing the merit badges through the scouting program for the people is to let the candidates be experience the real life situation from their childhood itself for enrooting towards the better living which is best achieved by the candidates, if there is any specific identification and praising system are followed for encouraging them. For this, they have programmed many things and included them as part of their training. For example, the candidate has to go for meeting with the strange one so as to expose to the interview environment earlier for performing best in their real interview.

Many types of the badges are accessible which can be compressed within certain categories. First and foremost one is being given to separate out the candidates linked with different subs-divisions of the scouts. The next one is being given on occasion of achieving the daring things by the candidates.  As mentioned earlier, it comprises of many level of activities, after completion of each level, the candidate is being awarded with the badges as a mark of the successful completion of the activity. For celebrating the special events, sometimes few badges are utilized.

For winning the badges, the scouting candidate should fulfill certain necessary requirements. The adult member of the scout has been appointed for analyzing the fulfillment criteria of the candidates. The main requirement for achieving highest position in the team is to bag the maximum number which is set by the particular country’s scout organization. For achieving the individual badges, they have to appear before the variety of the adventurous and daring activities from cycling to trekking along with some basic and most needy training programs too from first aid to personal fitness.

Get the basic knowledge as well as the daring exposure to life by enrolling yourself to the scout programs of your country.