What are Midi Skirts

Fashion has been changing its colors since a long time but as it is rightly said, ‘old is gold’. It is since 1940’s that the trend of midi skirts have come into being. The elegant and the graceful design made it popular then and now the trend is repeating itself. The design of the midi skirt drew inspiration from miniskirts. But since miniskirts cannot be worn by anyone and everyone, midi skirts took its place and became highly popular by 1960’s.

The midi skirts have an A-line design and give a sleek look to the one who is wearing it. This skirt can be worn on or below the waistline and is suitable for women of every age. The length of the midi skirt is between the kneecap and the calf. The sporty look that one gets from these skirts is just incomparable to any other attire. These skirts can be worn at a formal occasion where you wish to look decent and stylish as well.

The fabrics that are used in the making of the midi skirts are cotton, lycra, velvet and polyester. These fabrics are used because they manage to give a slim and sleek look. The colors that would look best in midi skirts are dark colors like black, grey, brown, blue and the like. You can choose to wear them with a platform heel, a vedge heel or boots.  Also, if it is winter time, the long coat over the midi skirt with the winter boots would make you look highly attractive.

The fashion of midi skirt is never ending. It is like evergreen attire that every girl should have in her wardrobe. Midi skirts have taken over miniskirts and maxi skirts as well. Since a maxi skirt does not suit every type of body, midi skirts too look good mostly on slim girls. They give them a flattery look because of the pencil look it has. To have a feeling of 40’s era, you can choose to team up a high waist midi skirt with short top and high heels. A top not over the head would make the look perfect and complete.

A flared design on the midi skirts too looks amazing and flattering. If you are going to wear a midi skirt for the first time and are a little conscious about the same, then just get your favorite midi skirt of any color you like, a pair of boots, a waist length top and the right shades for yourself. A little accessories will glam up the look and make you feel perfect for the occasion. You can choose to keep your hair loose or to tie them in a top not.  So now be ready to get into 60’s era and flaunt your new transformed look to everyone! 

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