What are Multiuser Systems

A multiuser system is a operating system, it allows each user yo work at a terminal connected to the computer. The operating system of computer assigns each user a portion of RAM and drives the computer’s time among various users, it is also called time sharing system. In other words, a multiuser system allows many users to simultaneously access the facilities of the host computer. A multiuser system may have hundreds of users at the same time. The commonly used multiuser systems are :




1. LOCAL AREA NETWORK – A Local Area Network is a system of interlinked personal computers, sharing common resources like disks, printers etc. It work on the principle of load sharing because the program to be executed is down loaded into PC’s memory. It also allows to link number of computers together and people to use the same programs and information.

2. WIDE AREA NETWORK – A Wide Area Network is a system of number of autonomous computers that are distributed over a large geographical area. It allows computers accessible to a large community of users. An example of WAN is SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions). SWIFT connects about 3000 financial institutions in more than 60 countries, over 40 banks in india have joined the network by connecting themselves with SWIFT’s access centre in Mumbai. WAN provides efficient communication between sites allowing hardware and software to be used by a wide community of users.

3. METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK – As the name suggest MAN allows networking among different users of a city. In MAN information is received by the computer from telephones. The telephonic information is converted into computer information by modems. A modem is a device which converts telephone signals to computer information and computer information to telephonic information. It acts like a modualor and demodulator.

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