What are Music Videos

Whenever a new music video featuring a new popular music or film star hits YouTube, it is a big sensation. The music videos would go on to win a number of comments and responses from the fans and audiences. Any music video is an expensive investment. The makers of music videos intend to center the focus on the star. They also like to use all their creativity and money in making these videos popular among the people. Sometimes, the music videos end up being more than just normal videos. Stars like Michael Jackson would feature prominently in videos set in exotic locations and also with special effects.

For pop stars and music legends, any music video makes their larger-than-life star image stand out effectively and prominently. But music videos are also filmed on movies and movie stars. This is seen in the case of Bollywood films and even Hollywood films. The music videos could be whole videos made on the Hollywood and Bollywood stars. Or they could feature some of the crucial scenes and moments from the respective films. The music videos of films like ‘Titanic’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ have been instant hits with the viewers on YouTube and other such online portals. So, film music videos are also quite popular.

The music videos began to be made with the steady and continuous advent of music and its popularity as well. Back in 1894, Edward Marks and Joe Stern got their song ‘The Little Lost Child’ portrayed in a visual manner. This was accomplished with the help of a unique technology. This technology was to use still photographs of the music performance. These stills would be displayed with animation techniques. This was possibly the first ever music video about a song that had been performed. Soon, as time passed, technology also improved. Soon, music videos were filmed with real cameras and broadcast on TV screens and consoles. 

The instant success of pop stars like the Beatles, Rolling Stone and others paved the way for better business for the music video makers. Music video making was now a whole and large business field. The entire process of making videos would involve technicians and directors. Such a vast field of business would only improve with time and new communication techniques. Soon, music videos also became a hit on the Internet. This sensation gave birth to the first ever video sharing portal known as YouTube. Now most of the hit music videos become more popular when they receive hits on YouTube.

Music videos serve as popular means of entertainment. They are perfect for the fans of music and film stars. They like to see their favorite stars perform with all pomp and show. The music videos are made with a lot of money. It also comes in the league of creativity. The challenge lies in building an environment around the upcoming film or music album. So, this is a rather emerging field of business and creativity for people.


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