What Are Open Pores

Pores are small hole on our body through which the hair emerges. The pores which are on the face get fair share of their attention because of many skin problems associated with it. The people who have oily skin have to face more problem as the oiliness increases the pore and their chance to get clogged. People when cleaning these pores seek to open them or when the pores are very large and visible they seek to close it. There are many perceptions about the pore which are actually a myth. The pores are house for hair follicles and sebaceous gland which releases sebum which is skin natural oil. According to a magazine some pores are larger because of the size of the oil gland and the hair follicle that they contain and hence are more visible.

The misconception about pores is that they have valve or doors which open or close. They also do not have muscles. Thus, the pores do not actually open or close. Opening pores by using steam just loosens the dirt inside and also the skin relaxes allowing the dirt being removed easily and thus removing the blackheads. Oily and aging skin and sun damage make the skin thick making pores to look larger. The clogging of the pores makes them more visible. The debris in the pore stretches the skin making the pore look larger. The debris may be of dirt, dead skin cells or bacteria.

Prevention Or Solution To Open Pores:

It is impossible to get rid of the pores or close them permanently or even shrink them. The only measures that can be taken is to make them less visible by keeping them clean by unclogging them. Taking proper skincare can prevent blackheads and whiteheads. Preventions like keeping the skin clean by scrubbing and exfoliating the skin is the best method to stop enlarging of pores. Applying sunscreen also protects the skin as well as prevents the pores from enlarging. Some providers recommend use of Azelaic acid to prevent and treat the open pores. This solution comes in two concentrations of 20 percent and 1 percent. The acid prevents the congestion of the pores relieving them of the dirt and preventing the enlargement of the pores. Some people use home remedy to find solution for the open pores.  Use of Earth clay, honey and yoghurt prevents the pore enlargement to a very large extent. Some people prepare deep cleansing mask at home and use them regularly to fight the open pore problem. Exfoliating skin twice a weak also prevents the pore enlargement.