What are Organelles

Organelles come under the sphere of biological science. Organelles are considered as small organs that contribute to a greater level in the functioning of the body cells. Every cell in the body will contain the organelles in it and carries with it a specific set of functions which it performs inside a single cell. Organelles function can be compared to that of the organs in the body. This comparison is made in order to emphasis on the importance of these organelles to the cells. It is a very important constituent when it comes to cell and takes care of the activities of the cells in the body in a better way. In the world of molecular and cell biology, organelles plays a very vital and crucial role and has got some complex functions to be understood overall.

Types of Organelles

There are different types of organelles that are found in the body. There are a few sect of scientist who prefers to call cell compartments also as organelles and there is other party which purports to make those components that has DNA alone as that of organelles. Some of the most prominent types of organelles include that of

  • Eukaryotic organelles which has got complex cell structure and are characterized by interior compartments in smaller size.
  • Prokaryotic organelles are simple cell structure that are not enclosed by the lipid membranes as found in that of eukaryotic.
  • Some of the most common types of organelles include that of mitochondria, golgi bodies, vacuoles, chloroplasts and that of lysosomes.
  • The best aspect about these organelles is the fact that they are highly active and communicates with one another with regard to the body functions. It should be noted that organelles just functions like organs and can have some defective problems like organs. It can be treated through a regular course of treatment

There could be some health disorders created because of the failure to take note of the health issues of organelles. Organelles need to be treated just like any other individual organ in order to get cured from the situation. A specific condition of destruction of mitochondria will be the cause to lot of health problems and it leads to some of the most grave issues and problems overall. The reaction to the condition will result in problems ranging from that of digestive problems to that of causing blindness in many cases overall.

Thus, organelles are the essential part of the cell that aids in keeping the functions of the body cells running smoothly. When the cell dies out, the organelles are also destroyed along with it and go through a process of recycling in the body. With the raise of new cells, new organelles are also developed along with it.