What are Organic Compounds

An Organic compounds are regarded as the most complex and complicated compounds of the component carbon as the carbon atoms the bond to each other in very easy and comfortable mode, Almost all the organic compound basis is generally comprised of the chains of carbon which differ in the length, height and the shape. Different atoms of the components like oxygen, nitrogen, and Hydrogen are regarded as the utmost general and the common atoms which are usually attached and linked to the atoms of carbon. All the atoms of carbon have four since the valence number that enhances the complexity of various compounds which are then formed. Since the atoms of carbon can create the double bonds and the triple bonds with several other atoms, and going further along it even increases the livelihood for the variation in the molecular which is made of several organic compounds. Carbohydrates are the hydrates of the carbon which contains sugars and so they are numerous in number. Proteins are also the grade of organic compounds which contains carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

Basically almost all the living beings and things are generally composed with several intricate systems of both organic and the inorganic compounds. Like for example, there are several types of the organic compounds which are usually present in the nature, like the hydrocarbons.  The term Hydrocarbon is basically the molecules which were created at the time when the compound like hydrogen and carbon combine together. The Hydrocarbon is not at all dissolved in water and effortlessly distribute. There are known to be several classes and groups of the organic compounds. Basically, they are also believed to derive from the living organism’s family only. But eventually, it was clear that these can even be formed from the simple proteins of inorganic compounds. However, several organic compounds are also associated and related to the basic life process, like carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.

Different kinds of Organic Compounds

The organic compound can be classified in several ways. The major kind of the organic compound is the Natural organic compound and the Synthetic organic compound. Natural compound means those organic compounds which are created and produced naturally from the animals and plants. The organic compounds are generated from the natural sources as the artificial way to produce them will be very expensive. On the other hand the Synthetic organic compounds are those which are prepared by the reaction of various other organic compounds and so they are called as Synthetic organic compound. They contain both kinds of the compounds which are available in animals and plants and other compounds which cannot be manufactured in the natural way with the natural sources.

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