What are Organic Shapes

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way-things I had no words for” – Georgia O’Keeffe. Shapes are regarded as an imperative building block for visual vocabulary. It is simply impossible to make any design without adding any shape to it. We come across a number of shapes in our day to day life and all of us might not be very familiar with the category of shapes. Shapes are also a powerful means of communication. You can represent various ideas; convey your emotions and also emphasize your areas of concern. Shapes are capable of depicting both positive and negative concepts and each shape communicates a different message and meaning.

Basically shapes could be categorized into three kinds namely Geometric, organic and abstract shapes. Geometric shapes are the regular patterns which most of the people recognize and yes, even kindergarten kids know most of the geometric shapes like square, circle, triangle, rectangle etc. Abstract shapes are also recognizable but are fake. They are generally used as logos or icons to represent concepts and ideas. So what are Organic shapes?

Organic shapes are free- flowing shapes with irregular or uneven pattern, including more of curves which make them otherwise to be called as curvilinear shapes. They are generally asymmetrical and depicting natural world ranging from birds, animals, sea to leaves and many more of nature which is in contrast to geometrical shapes or rectilinear shapes that are always manmade. Organic shapes are always unpredictable and just flows from the inner minds and create great interest and energy in the pictures. They are widely used to create landscapes or natural garden pictures wherein, asymmetric shapes of trees, lake, flowers etc can be shown.

An artist always uses a combination of shapes while doing his piece of artwork. To draw something that has to look natural, soft and peaceful, he prefers organic shapes whereas an attempt to represent chaotic or a rigid situation desires for geometric shapes as here only the geometric shapes will best fit. A small instance is that, a smile cannot be drawn using a square or rectangle whereas anger could be easily shown through geometric shapes.

Life without shapes could be absurd and boring. In these days, even pre-primary school insist in imparting knowledge on the significance of shapes by giving various project works on shapes and by repeatedly showing them the shapes in real life picture. An appreciation by the teacher is also given in the form of a smiley or a star. How nice!!!!


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