What are Oxford Shoes

An Oxford style of shoes is given to the style of shoes in which the eyelet of the shoes is stitched in such a way that vamp comes over the eyelet. This kind of method is also called closed lacing too. These have been modeled on the oxonian shoes that gained popularity in the oxford university. Oxfords were first made famous in the area of Scotland and Ireland, where they were occasionally called Balmorals. This was named on the Queen’s castle in Scotland. Oxford shoes are primarily constructed of leather and were mostly plain, formal shoes but can now be found in a range of styles and materials, including canvas, suede and even in manmade materials. These are now used in both formal and casual dressing.

Oxfords are mostly traditional and formal shoes, made in leather with small heel and with shoelaces. With the passage of time and demands of fashion various styles, colors, even the number of eyelets in the shoes were varied. If there is any shoe with laces and that falls in this category then it can be called an oxford shoe.

The shoe provides the wearer with a custom fit and comes with a soft cushioned high top collar and a padded tongue that provides ankle support. There is also a meshed lining provided in the shoe that provides the foot ventilation and a cushioned bed. It also has a thicker platform outsole along with provision of more traction that gives the wearer more stability. The oxfords typically have smart and elegant looks. The front lace up system and padded collars along with tongue help ensure that there is a custom fit for the wearer. The inner soft lining provides wearer with superior foot comfort.

These are formal and business footwear and used by both men and women alike. The dictionary defines oxford as an exquisite style that is either plain or semi and full brogue. Women’s black oxford shoes have started gaining popularity these days. Balmorals, Saddle shoes, Bluchers, Wingtips and Kilties are the different classifications of oxfords.

There are four primary features that make the Bluchers unique. The bluchers with leather soles are primarily for those who need to dance jazz. The Bluchers are open laced on the other hand the Balmorals are closed laced meaning the shoelaces are not visible to the eye. They are seamless and streamlined.

The good thing about Oxford women’s shoe is that you will find a pair to fit your needs. Each of the models of oxford offer best in looks and comfort and have stood the test of time and fashion and are still seen on peoples feet for over 200 years. That’s what makes them available at all the places, be it online or at your favorite shoe stores.

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