What are Panniers

People who prefer cycling as a mode of transport either for economical reasons or if they are dedicated to fitness or find pleasure in the hobby of cycling, would be well aware of what “Panniers” are. Panniers in very simple terms are extra fittings, usually in pairs to the cycle to carry additional things that the cyclist might require apart from his back bag. Panniers could be in the form of bags, baskets, boxes or containers that helps in carrying those extra luggages like clothes, food, laptop or water bottles. These panniers can also serve as a multipurpose bag used to carry grocery or any other shopping needs. Cycle Panniers are also extensively used for touring purposes which generally could be fit both on the front and the rear sides to hold things that might be required for a whole week or days together.

Let’s see what are these panniers made of. Usually bicycle panniers are made of PVC, nylon, or any synthetic material. Most of them are by default made as water proof, whereas the others are provided with covers inside the bag which make them water resistant. Therefore panniers are well protected against rains. The cycles intended for such carrying purpose is fitted with racks on both front and the rear sides which help in carrying the panniers attaching to the racks with removable hooks. They use mechanism of zips or straps which are very convenient in portability. Ultimately any mechanism used must keep in mind the stability of the cycle and thereby the safety attached to it.

Here are some useful guidelines for safe loading of panniers:

  • Always keep your stuffs marked with necessities or emergency, separately in the outer provisions which could be grabbed immediately to serve the purpose.
  • Try and arrange all the extra clothes on the sides and bottom of the bags which can help in cushioning at times of any road accidents or generally for bad roads.
  • Another important thumb rule is to keep heavy items in the bottom of the pannier by arranging either in forward area in the rear bags or in the back of front bags.
  • While considering carrying sleeping bags along, opt for a light, compressing bag that could be used along with a liner which helps in all weather conditions. The same rule goes for a tent. Always carry on those light tents which could be compressed tight making it easy for easy set up and easy transport.
  • The most important measure is not to overload the panniers with too much weight. This will have the risk of the bag tripping off on poor roads or even disturbs the stability of the cycling leading to fall or even turn fatal.

 Apart from cycle panniers, there are also motorbike panniers available which comes in boxes that could be fitted on both sides of the motorbike. At the end any day, travelling light and sensible carries lot of safety along with it.