What are Polarized Sunglasses

There has been a lot of discussion in regard to polarized sunglasses.  A lot has been said which need to be brought into the clear about the effects of the glasses.  They are known to help in reducing the blinding effect of any object. It is quite easy to tell the effectiveness of the glasses in question.  First of all, they keep away any strain from the eyes.  They give a clearer and transparent view of any object.  That is why it is preferred by fishermen.  Polarized sunglasses bring out the original color of the object as it is.  It is quite evident to tell when sunglasses are polarized.

Facts about polarized sunglasses:-

  • First came into operation in 1936
  • Is known to polarize glare from harsh weather conditions like water and the sun.
  • Currently is the number one sought sun-glasses the world over
  • Work best when viewed at an angle and not straight.
  • Not all sun-glasses are polarized; some are fake products – though advertised to be polarized.

Even though there are several types of sun-glasses in the market, the polarized are special and are clearly marked.  There is noted difference when using ordinary sunglasses and the polarized ones.  There are brand names that are preferred by who-is-who of the society.  These cost a fortune and offer their value for money.  Top users of these glasses include fishermen, sportsmen and drivers amongst others.  Their popularity has grown considerably due to their effectiveness in controlling the harsh rays and glare that are harmful to the eyes.

The 3D and digital photography have used polarization in their glares.  This gives viewers a better and clearer view of the whole movie.  These glasses are tinted differently depending on the outdoor function.  Some are mildly tinted; others range between lightly and strongly tinted glasses.   Sales of the polarized glasses have risen drastically over the last 5 years or so and continue to rise considerably.  Most ophthalmologist clinics stock the glasses in various kinds, styles and designs.  They are the number one selling eye-wear of the 21st century.

Buyers should beware of the cheap designs in the market.  These are known to use adhesive (films) to cover the lenses of the sun-glasses to polarize them.  These do not last long and might not be as effective as the original designers that offer maximum protection.  The whole process in the polarization is the use of physics of light.  Without these it would be impossible to have a better and clearer view. The advantage of using these glasses is because they remove the glare and the eye strain from horizontal surfaces.  Views are able to have a clear view of whatever object they are viewing.