What are Princess Seams

The dictionary defines seam as a line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together in a garment or other article. Princess seams are long rounded seams sewn into women’s top to give a tailored fit to a woman’s body. They are sewn into the front and/or back of a shirt, and extend from the waist up to the arms. It is nothing but a variation of dart which is primarily a tapered stitch in a garment. The objective of giving the princess cut is to ensure that the garment fits the curves of the body. These seams start at the waist and travel sometimes to the top of the top or sometimes it is curved under the arms as the design or fit requires. The two primary forms of the princess seam are shoulder seam where the seam starts at the waist and runs all the way to the shoulder running in a curve , typically, forming a c or a mirror image of C. The other famous one is armhole style where the seam starts at the waist and curves ending at the armhole.

The other advantage of Princess Seam is that it allows more precise use of the fabric. It is also considered quite easier by the sewers to sew the garment in princess seam rather than using darts. It is also much more useful when sewing a fabric with lines or boxes as it does not distort the original pattern. Its achieved by keeping the fabric side by side and then feeding to the dogs in the sewing machine. What it means for the wearer is that the thin women who lack curves can be made to show impression of a good figure. Women who have good figures can show it off more prominently and accentuate their fine shape even further. IT can also be made to cover the women in such a way that the dress hides the extra fat and extra pounds.

The most import thing to be kept in mind while putting a princess stitch is to match the pattern or design on the fabric. This is achieved by using pins to hold the pieces of fabric together to match the pattern in place before putting the stitch. The more intricate the pattern on the cloth, the more pins should be used for holding the fabric together before actual stitching is done. After the stitching is done its best to trim the extra cloth to ensure it gives a good seam and does not give any discomfort while wearing.

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