What are Quaaludes

Quaaludes is also called as Methaqualone (Generic Name) which is used to promote sleep or in the conditions of anxiety and sometimes a feeling of euphoria. It is comparable to barbiturates. These are central nervous system depressant. These can be taken as pills. It was created in India in 1951. After seven years of its marketing in US, soon became a problem. Its street name is Ludes. College students started taking this drug with alcohol in large doses. It was initially introduced as a safe barbiturates substitute but then later it showed the possibility of addiction like barbiturates. This medicine was a popular medicine of abuse during 1970s, though both Britain and US banned these products. Earlier these drugs were one of the most prescribed drugs in US. Much of Europe has also banned this drug but in south Africa, this drug is becoming a recreational drug. It leads to a significant drop in blood pressure and pulse rate. These drugs were so popular that it can lead to even Coma. For these reasons, these drugs were removed from the market in US. Its side effects also include

Depression Slurred speech Poor reflexes Hangover Sweating Nausea Loss of appetite

If over dose of this drug is consumed then it can have disastrous effects on people like:

Coma Delirium Muscle tension Hyperreflexia

In case of over dose, medical advice should be sought immediately. If this drug is used for a long time and then all of a sudden left, then also it can have negative effects like:

Insomnia High fever Nightmares Irritability Mild tremors

The people who are using these drugs should take health diet to ensure a healthy life style. These drugs are not at all recommended to be used by pregnant women. It can have very serious effects on them. So if even want to make use of these drugs then medical supervision should be taken. This drug is banned in US so it is not possible to buy this drug over the counter or any general medical store but there are still some people who are selling this drug illegally. But it is not recommended to use of this drug as it is not approved by FDA.

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