What are Sequins

The sequins are the disk-shaped globule used for beauty enhancing purposes especially on clothes, bags and shoes. They’re available in commercial market in broad range of colors, and shapes. Indus valley used golden sequin on wardrobe and paraphernalia for enhancing their beauty during the Kot Diji phase around 2500 BC. Modern era has shown us the usage of plastic sequins whereas there’re some cultures in the globe, who still use sequins as coins. These plastic sequins include spangles, palettes and diamantes. Howard Carter discovered disks, which were similar to sequins in Egypt at farao Tut’s mummy. Since the ancient stage, sequins have transformed itself to modern plastic format through the gold and gelatin plastic stages.

Herbert Liebermen fast time invented the modern plastic format of sequins by experimenting with the similar kind of disks in his USA based factory. Sequins have the general usages as decorative item on clothes including jeans and sweaters, pocketbooks, belts, and head wear. Skaters, and dancers use it on their outfits and even on ballerina outfits it’s usage has become so common in recent times. Jewelers get it’s assistance in jewelry designing for adding extra color along with sparkle.

The measuring unit of sequins is millimeter and their size can range from 3 mm to 30 mm. They’re expensive and in a single packet there may be 3,000 sequins of 3 mm and 50 sequins of 30 mm. The expenditure for a single packet of small sequins is around $1.35 whereas for a packet of large sequins, it’s around $1.69. They’re available in a broad range of colors and shapes. The shapes include shell shape, square and rectangular shape and they’ve also snowflake design. Possible sequins’ color include silver, golden, red, blue, green etc. They’re widely available in all craft stores and moreover they’re also available online at wholesale price.

The sequins have the glittering and shining look and especially when they’re on clothes they create a dressy and festive feel. The sequin has also the usages on bags for giving a fancy look to it, whereas the presence of sequin on dress gives a formal look to the dress. Decorating the fabric by sequins can be possible in different ways. The sequins have the usage for trimming purpose on belts, scarves, wraps and other hair accessories. Normally, the sequins decorate the clothes and the scarves by embellishing them. Thereby, it helps to keep coins safe. Therefore, the sequins have become an excellent fashion item nowadays as apparently other cultures are attractive to it. It has the usages on purse and bags only to create different types of images, patterns, designs on them. Due to the excessive usages of sequins in preparing costumes, the sequins have befallen into an essential part of costume designing. They embellish the outfit of the dancers and skaters. Both the proficient and novice dancers along with athletics, who show their gymnastics, get it’s immense assistance in embellishing their outfit.

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