What are Shin Splints

Shin splints is a name that is usually given to any kind of pain in the lower leg. But this is not true. Shin splint is a pain that a person feels at the front side of the shin bone. It is also called as midial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). This problem mostly occurs with runners, walkers and the players of basketball and soccer etc. The pain is not so severe. However, it can increase if the runner workouts and it lessens when he leaves doing it. But if the pain becomes severe, then the athlete has to stop all his workout sessions. Shin splints can occur for many reasons as:

  • It can occur when you give more pressure to the shin bone and the surrounding muscles.
  • It can also occur when your footwear are not comfortable.
  • If your running technique is not correct, then that can also be a cause of shin splints.
  • If you suddenly increase the duration or the intensity of your workout sessions, then that can also cause pain in the shin bone.
  • Overtraining and overuse of the muscles and bones can also lead to shin splints.
  • Excessive running on hard surfaces can also cause shin splints.
  • It can also be caused due to muscle trauma i.e. exertional compartment syndrome.
  • Pronation can also be a cause behind the pain in the shin bone.

Besides these causes, there are also many other causes which are responsible for causing pain in the shin bone of the leg. So you need to be very cautious while running and playing if you are an athlete. You should run with the correct technique. Foot wears should be comfortable and you should increase the duration and the intensity of the workout gradually not suddenly. Otherwise it can cause complications. Shin splints can cause pain in the shin bone at the front of the lower leg.

It can also cause swelling in that particular area of the leg. There can be redness too. Some people feel that the pain disappears when they are on rest but return again when they start running or start exercising. The patient can also feel weakness and numbness in the leg. The shin splints can be diagnosed by performing an X-ray of the leg. The doctor may also perform a thorough physical exam to know the exact reason behind the problem.

If the problem or the pain is not much severe then it can be healed by taking proper rest and applying ice on the shin bone. But if the problem is serious and you have sharp pain then you should consult a good physiotherapist to get it cured. He will tape your shins and will give you some instructions flowing which you will get some relief. In order to prevent it, you should avoid the cause of the shin splints which is always the best option.