What are Silk Wrap Nails

Silk warp nails are modern day equipments which can help you to protect your original nails and provide you with a solution that caters your need at the time when it is required at its peak by most women.

Silk wrap nails are regarded as one of the best solution for people who face the problem of a broken nail or untidy nails. These act as the perfect underpinning in case, the original nail is not in a condition to be exposed. The reason for non exposure can either be in form of having a broken nail which can be very painful and unsafe to expose as it can acquire another injury or it may also be possible that a person may want long nails that matches her style but at the same time, the existing ones are shorter.

Artificial nails are in fashion for a very long time and the very essence of the artificial nails is to provide the perfect look but however all artificial nails are not up to the mark which a person expects from them as a result of which most the people are able to get through the depict  that one puts on. The best feature for this silk wrap nails happens to be its flexibility, generally in other cases, artificial nails are made  up of synthetic and other elements which makes the nails harder and less resistive against daily wear and tear.

The best part about Silk wrap nails is that these nails are easy to use and can be used by any person, irrespective of their age. All a person is required to do is implement some adhesive or gum which shall allow the substance to settle on the nail of the people. Once the nail is fixed it can be used as the real nail itself and on the other hand, the same also protects the existing nail. Other reinforcements such as painting the nail and carrying out other obligations is also possible as it acts in the similar way as the original nails do. However, the same is also very fragile as they are thin and flexible and hence cannot be used in place of extreme wear and tear.

The procedure for removal of such nail is also very simple as the silk wrap nails can be easily removed by with the help of cotton and acetone which acts as material which releasing the holding of the glue or the adhesive. However, the same can also damage the original nail in certain cases by blocking the path where the original nails  grow. 


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