What are Some Alternatives to Shaving My Legs

Shaving your legs is a task which is equally cumbersome and frustrating. Most of the women are on lookout for options which are more convenient and less burdensome than the irritating task of getting rid of superfluous hair on legs with the help of a razor. This article would negotiate through various alternatives offering a much desired respite from superfluous hair without bothering to shave again and again. You can choose any hair removal method complying best with your skin type and affordability.

Waxing is the process in which hot wax is applied on the skin surface which sticks to the hair and when peeled with a cloth strip removes the hair as well. The process though painful and slightly inconvenient is one of the best alternatives as it offers freedom from the unwanted hair for about a couple of weeks. The process is quite fast and can be done at a professional salon or at home. When used continuously for a longer duration waxing distresses hair follicles resulting in sparse growth.

These are creams, gels or lotion containing several chemicals in them. When applied on the hair the chemicals dissolve the hair in the roots and lead to pain less hair removal. The depilatories are applied for a few minutes depending on the sensitivity of the skin as well as the strength of the chemical. Women with sensitive skin must begin with a patch test as a sensitive skin can react badly against the harsh chemicals. Depilatories usually allow 8 to 10 days between the usages.

Body mittens
They are applied on the body in circular movements to remove hair as well as the dead skin. The process is followed by softening oil or gels to sooth the skin. A popular example of it would be the Nair’s Buff-Off body mittens which comes complemented with azulene oil for softening effect.

It is a permanent hair removal method to be performed at a salon by an electrologist. In electrolysis the hair follicles are destroyed permanently to arrest the hair growth permanently.

Laser hair removal
The laser treatment is least painful and delivers freedom from the unwanted hair for an impressive 6 to 12 months. It involves sessions of 1 – 3 hours in which first the skin is waxed then the carbon of the follicles is burned with the laser. In the process the skin remains unaffected where as the follicles are damaged leading to the loss of hair growth. It prevents the hair from growing back for quite long duration allowing you to flaunt your soft and smooth legs without any bother.