What are Some Causes of Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is a problem which is accompanied with flakiness, dandruff and itching. It can give rise to dandruff in hair and it might cause hair loss. It is often caused due to the lack of oil in the hair. Frequent use of shampoos, hair colors and other hair products takes oil away from the hair and causes dryness of scalp. Nowadays almost all people are suffering from this problem. We come to know about hundreds of treatments for this like using certain kind of shampoos can treat this problem but you should take the treatment depending upon the reason of dry scalp. If this problem is happening with you too then it needs proper care. Various factors which are responsible for this problem can be environmental and medical and these are as follows:

Using harsh shampoos and washing hair with warm water frequently can cause dry scalp. Using hair dryer can also cause this problem. Weather is also responsible for this problem. You will mostly face dry scalp in cold weather. Bad eating habits Pollution Allergies like dermatitis Sunburn can also cause burning and itching in your scalp. Ringworm is also one of the factors responsible for dry scalp. Air conditioners can also be a reason for dry scalp. They produce dry air and that stops the essential oils from doing its work. Use of gels, sprays and creams on hair can also make hair and scalp dry. Dehydration can also lead to this problem.

All the above mentioned elements cause dry scalp. You should try to avoid all these things to happen in order to prevent dry scalp. Hair should always be kept clean but do not shampoo them too much. Avoid using gels, creams and other such hair products otherwise these will make your hair dry and in turn give rise to dry scalp. You can seek medical advice if the problem does not go on its own or by using some home remedies. He will suggest some oil or shampoo or certain medications for dry scalp. The first step to treat dry scalp is to identify the cause of the problem and then getting the right treatment to eliminate that cause. Just by taking some precautions and applying those in your daily life can prevent the dry scalp and it will also keep your hair shiny and healthy. Seek medical advice if the problem is severe to get itch free scalp.

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