What are Some Causes of Rashes

A rash on any part of the body indicates that some change has affected the skin of that part of the body. Rashes cause change in the color of the skin. Rashes can be caused due to the irritation of the skin. The rash may or may not be itchy, painful and irritating. It can be of various sizes and it may cover a large part of the skin. It can occur due to a substance that can cause irritation of the skin and hence can cause rashes. Usually it is mild and goes on its own or with some home remedies. But in severe cases, it may require medical attention. A severe problem can cause swelling, pain and redness on the skin. It may cause blisters too. Almost each one of us can get rashes due to some reason. Rashes can be of 2 types: generalized and localized. Generalized rashes can occur on all over the body while localized occur only on some parts or only a specific part of the body. The part of the body where the rashes have occurred can indicate the causes due to which rashes have occurred. Rashes can be caused due to:

Infections: bacteria, fungi and other such things can cause rashes on the skin. It may also occur due to certain insect bite like mosquitoes etc. Exposure of skin in heat: if your skin is exposed in heat then also you can get skin rashes. Irritants and allergies: certain irritants like certain food, pollutants, insects, cosmetics and some environmental factors can also be responsible for rashes on the body. Systematic illness: it can also occur due to certain diseases like rheumatic fever etc. rashes can also be the sign of some serious diseases like kidney diseases, liver diseases etc. Certain medicines: certain medicines can have side effects which can cause skin rashes. Skin problems: some skin problems like acne, eczema etc can also cause skin rashes. If the problem is chronic, rashes can become severe too.

All the above factors can cause skin rashes and if rashes are severe, then you need to consult dermatitis. It needs to be treated if they are chronic. To prevent this, you should try to stay neat and clean. Try to wear cotton clothes. You should use a mild soap. If your skin is sensitive then you should not scrub your skin much. Skin rashes can be very annoying sometimes of they are itchy. It can lead to frustration and emotional disturbance.

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