What are Some Characteristics of the INFP Personality

Myers-briggs type indicator is an instrument which was developed by a great psychiatrist Carl G Jung for personality assessment. It consists of a questionnaire which helps in deciding that personality type a person has from one of the 16 different personality types described by Jung which helps in deciding a person’s personality based on several different factors such as how a person takes decisions, how he perceives the information provided etc. INFP is one of those 16 personality types. It is basically an abbreviation for (Introversion (I), intuition (N), and feeling (F), perception (P)). People with this personality type are happy being with themselves. They are focused on their inner feelings. Also, Carl Jung had suggested that in addition, a theory known as extroversion-introversion is noticed in people. The extrovert seeks social company and pleasures where as the introvert is occupied with his inner world. 

The first characteristic which these people have is being an introvert. It does not mean that they are shy or something but being an introvert, they just love to spend time alone infact it builds up their energy. They don’t like to be a part of huge social gatherings. For them quality of time spent with a few close people is far more worth than time spent with a large number of acquaintances .They are more reserved and are lost in their own thought. They are often seen as mysterious but calm people. Because of these characteristics INFPs generally choose a career in which they are their own master and in which they don’t have to work under someone as they prefer working alone rather than in a team project. The second characteristic they have is of being very intuitive about things. They trust their senses and intuition above facts and logic. INPS are future oriented people who are more interested in future than what is going in the present. They try to see the big picture behind the event rather than seeing the minute details.

The third relevant characteristic they have is the way they feel about others. They are very sensitive people who are always willing to help others and they love to work for the upliftment of the society so that could make world a better place to live. They have a strong sense of understanding and they care a lot for all those who are very close to them. The last most noticeable characteristic is of the way they perceive things. They try not to make decisions in a hurry. They might delay making a decision just to wait to see if the circumstances would change or not.

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