What are Some Different Types of Hair Brushes

Your crowning glory is indeed a reflection of your personality and no wonder people now a day are very selective regarding their hair styles and the hair care products. Making right choice in hair care products like shampoo, conditioner and brushes, ensures perfect health of your locks as well as bring life to your hair style. Accessories like a fine hair brush play a vital role in glorifying your hair style as well as nurturing the hair health. Hair brush massages your hair and aids in removal of the loose scales gathered on the scalp. A fine quality round tipped hair brush aids in distribution of sebum evenly through the scalp and stimulate blood circulation for a better hair growth. Today the markets are opulent with a wide range of hair brushes for every hair texture and style making it difficult as well as imperative to make the perfect choice.

A hair brush has to be selected as per the requirement of your locks because using wrong accessories can lead to more damage than care of hair. The Paddle Hair Brush- the paddle brushes are flat, wide, and large with oval or rectangular head. It aids in entangling and smoothing long untidy and frizzy hair. Layered hair is treated with the paddle brushes as it massages without creating unnecessary volume. Brushing your hair with a paddle brush also makes your locks healthy and glossy as the bristles settled on air cushions curve to hug the contours of the head. It massages the scalp and distributes sebum finely resulting in a healthy and shiny crown. A good paddle brush can serve all hair cuts and textures and can provide for years. Lately the paddle brushes have been revolutionized with the ion bristle technology. The brushing movements release ions which tend to reduce static and lock the cuticles.

The Cushion Hair Brush– Cushion brushes provide for neat and tidy middle length hair. It works to give professional look to box cut bobs, disengaged outlines and conventional graduate cuts.

The military hair brush– These are close to paddle brushes amiss the handles. They are gripped directly in the palm and are used to create the conventional slick back look without any parting.

The radial or round hair brush– A radial or round brush hosts bristle on the entire curvy surface of the brush. These brushes are imperative in treating curls especially for thick hair. Available in different sizes it serves curls best in small size where as the bigger size works on length creating fantastic volume. The radial hair brushes are a vital accessory in blow drying as the vents in the brush surface enhance the heat circulation in the scalp delivering great body and style.

The half radial hair brush– Half radial brushes are similar to the round ones except their one side is flat and one is curved. It serves the hair cuts which are curved from under like bobs. They are an expert with thick waves sporting less volume.

The sculpting brushes-They are perfect for back combing and creating volume in short styles, textured lines and round layers The thermal hair brushes-these are brushes either round or flat with heat conducive material in the base. This material is heated from the heat of your dryer and serves the style as well as the scalp.

Though it requires caution as excessive heat can scorch the hair. Hair brushes are also categorized on the basis of the material used, as the base of the brush can be ceramic, plastic ebony etc. where as the bristles could be nylon, ball tipped nylon, boar (which are the softest creating least static) or a mix of nylon and boar.

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