What are Some Different Types of Internet Crimes

There are a variety of crimes available which are resulted through the internet. This pool of crimes is getting much denser day by day and is performed mostly by the hackers or the crackers on the internet. Internet crimes are the criminal activities which are directly related to the use of computers and also include illegal trespassing into the computer system or other’s database through internet. These crimes are categorized as:

Non Cognizable Offences These type of crime are considered as Minor Offences In this Aggrieved is redressed i.e. the accused is released after a small punishment or fine. Cognizable Offences These types of crimes are serious ones. In case of these crimes, it is the responsibility of the state to get the offender punished.

These internet crimes can be resulted through the following ways:

Theft of Source Code

The source code is one of the most important assets of software companies. Computer Source Code means the listing of programs, computer commands, design and layout.

Through Hackers

Hackers have the intentions or knowledge to cause wrongful loss or damage to the public or any person. They mostly do deletion, destruction, and alteration, diminishing value or utility or affect the information residing in a computer. This crime is a type of cognizable crime and is non-Bail able. It covers some crimes like Trojan, virus, worm attacks, logic bombs and salami attacks and internet time theft attacks etc…


It also comes in the list of Internet Crimes and contains obscene material. If found guilty of this crime, some hefty punishments are then given to that person.

Decryption of information

Email messages, encrypted messages or steganography images are targeted.

Protected Systems

The crime includes having unauthorized access to these protected systems in which the information contained in these systems is the main target. This can include port scanning which is quite common and the intruders scan the ports continuously on the internet or on the network.

Some other crimes include sending threatening messages or defamatory messages by email, directing to some bogus websites or cyber frauds, email spoofing, online sales of drugs especially in the countries where the sale of those particular drugs is banned by the government. Also includes web Jacking and online sales of arms etc…

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