What are Some Disadvantages of Cloning

Cloning is a process of making genetically similar organisms, in a simple language. This is done by copying genes of cell and various other organisms. Cloning is possible from single celled organism until complex organisms such as humans. Cloning can be of great help to humankind, if it had no chance of being misused. However, that is not the case; misuses of such technologies are bound to happen, if it is legalized to be done on humans. There are many different types of cloning, and hence there disadvantages are also linked with them individually.

Types of Cloning and drawbacks related to them

There are many different types of cloning, which are possible these days, some of them are

  • Molecular cloning
  • Cellular cloning
  • Organism cloning
  • Human cloning

All these cloning procedures involve copying of genes, and making identical organisms, hence there are many uncertainties linked with cloning as it involves coping DNA, which is a blue print of an organism. Moreover, if it is a little bit mutated or any abnormalities happen to it, this could result in huge failure of cloning, and scientist would be unclear as what will be its consequences. Thus, the world is currently going through a lot of debate as to whether it should be legalized or not.

Primary disadvantages of cloning

There are many disadvantages of cloning, and some of them are quite threatening to the humanity as well. Here is a list of disadvantages of cloning:

  • Cloning can unbalance society in a big way
  • Selective breeding
  • Damage to human relationships
  • Clones would get treated as objects not as humans
  • Selling and buying of clones is another threat to humanity
  • Playing GOD
  • All humans will look the same
  • Low immunity to diseases
  • Losing diversity of genes
  • Uncertainty about various aspects of clones

These are few of the disadvantages of cloning, because of which many people are against cloning, be it from religious aspect, or for humanity itself. There are many scientists, who believe that, cloning can become uncontrollable if it becomes legal.

Human ground issues

Disadvantages of cloning on humanitarian grounds are answered in a different light as well. Clones are just a replica of a human and hence one would treat them as object rather than children or an individual. People will start making clones and use them for various illegal purposes as well. In addition, there is a lot of risk, which is involved in making clones technically, and hence they can make clones that are deformed or disfigured. They will weaken human adaptation power; clones can be used for trafficking etc., which is simple inhumane, as they will not just be products, they will also live, breath and die. Cloning can ignite a new specie creation, which is not considered appropriate.

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