What are Some Homemade Hair Dyes

As artificial dyes contain chemicals which can harm your hairs in future you should use dyes which are made at home using natural items. Apart from this, homemade dyes are relatively cheaper than chemical dyes so you should replace using artificial dyes by homemade dyes.

The artificial dyes for coloring your hair that are found in the market are made up of chemicals which can be very harmful for your hair. Though you may like its effect when you apply it on your hair but you will surely regret in future when you will come to know that you have hair problems due to the chemicals of the dye you used. This is said because there are many people who like the dye when they apply it on their hair and observe that their hair has changed its color. But these people regret at the later age when they face hair problems due to the side effect of the chemicals that are used in these artificial dyes.

If you want to color your hair but don’t want to take any risk of hair problems later, it is recommend using homemade hair dyes because homemade hair dyes do not contain any chemicals. On the other hand, homemade hair dyes are comparatively cheaper than artificial dyes that are available in the market. Homemade dyes are easy to make and anyone can make it in order to apply it to his hair.

If you want to make a hair dye by yourself, you don’t need to search for the items in the market because you can get most of them in your kitchen. You can make dyes of different colors for your hair using different items in different proportions. One trick of making hair dye is by using walnut husks and water. First of all, you need to boil the walnut husks in water for 15 minutes approximately and then strain this mixture and apply it to your hair. This will make your brown hair deeper and you will not face any hair problems in future if you use it after regular time periods.

Another trick of making a hair dye is by using sage and rosemary. In making this, you need to boil sage and rosemary in water together for about half an hour. After boiling, you need to leave this mixture for several hours and then apply to your hair. After applying, leave it until it dries and then rinse your hair using shampoo as usual. This is a slow process because you need to repeat it in a weekly basis for best results. There are many other tricks of making hair dyes in home and you can get many of these tricks in the internet once you start browsing. This will help you to make dyes of different colors easily at home.

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