What are Some Rare Blood Types

There are four major groups of blood which are A, B, AB and O which can be positive or negative. It differs individual to individual. Rhesus factor in the blood determines whether the blood group of the person is positive or negative. So the positive and negative sign in front of the blood type indicates the presence or the lack of Rhesus factor in the blood. If a person has blood group B and Rhesus factor D then that person is said to have blood group B+ and if a person has blood group B and lacking Rhesus factor D then that person has B- blood group. Rare blood types are same as other blood types. The only difference is that few individuals have this type of blood which makes them rare. The rarest blood group is AB- (AB Negative).

This blood group is found in less than 1% of the population. Second in the list comes B- (B Negative) comprising 1.5% of the population. Next is AB+ (AB Positive) which comprises 3.5% of the population. The rare blood types do not cause any danger to the person having rare blood types. Your blood type depends on the presence or absence of some specific substances in it. These substances are called antigens which are made of proteins and carbohydrates. There are more than 600 known antigens other than A and B. The people with blood group A are called as universal recipients as they can take red blood cells of any ABO type.

The people with blood group O are called universal donors as they give blood to any ABO type. The people with rare blood types can be in problem when it comes to transfusion. Finding someone with the same blood type as you have can be difficult in the time of need. It can become a matter of life and death. In some countries, a specific blood type lacks. So the person with that rare blood type should avoid travelling to that country. However various blood organizations in the country are trying to motivate the people to donate the blood of rare type. It does not cause any harm to the donor. Having blood immediately at the time of the need can save a person’s life. Your one donation can save up to 3 lives so donate blood. It is a favor to the humanity.

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