What are Some Types of Skin Infections

Skin covers the largest part of the human body. Infection of the skin by any causative agent is known as skin infection. The causative agent could be bacteria, viral, parasitic or even caused by bites or fungal. This article intends to explain regarding the various types of skin infections.

Some of the common skin infections are mentioned below: –

  • Impetigo
    his is a form of skin infection which is caused by bacteria. This infection would occasionally affect the children and mostly found in adults. The impetigo skin infection normally occurs on the face. When impetigo occurs, the skin on the face is reddened and once reduced would lead to a honey colored marks on the face. There are clinical treatments available for the same where certain medical creams to be applied for 7-10 days.
  • Folliculitis
    This again is a bacterial infection of the hair follicles on the skin. The reason for this infection is excessive exposure to swimming pools or hot tubs. Here, a red color pustule is formed which would later rupture out in the form of pus. This bacterial infection normally occurs in the beard regions, arm pits and posterior neck.  If the intensity of the infection is minimal then the pustules can be reduced by using warm compressor for 15-20 minutes every day till it cures. 
  • Echtyma
    It is an infection that is caused due to the negligence of impetigo. It is normally occurred by the use of particular clothing or footwear. It normally occurs to those who are exposed to hot and humid weather on a regular basis. In this form of skin infections, the ulcerations bulge out and this after curing would leave a mark on the skin. Clinical consultation is recommended for the right diagnosis.
  • Erysipelas and Cellulitis
    This is a superficial cultaneous infection that is goes deeper to affect the dermal lymphatic cells. This occurs normally to the children and also in adults. If this skin infection is not treated correctly would lead to risks such a getting diabetes, obesity etc. Cellulitis is an infection which sets no boundaries and thus spreads throughout the body.
  • Dermatophytosis
    This is a skin infection caused by Fungi. This infection normally occurs on the skin, hair and nails. Athletes foot is one of the common infections under this category. Clinical treatment is recommended to treating Dermatophytosis successfully.

These are a few bacterial and fungal infections that commonly affect the skin. Irrespective of the skin disease, it is recommended to first consult a dermatologist for the best cure. Just follow the regime provided by your dermatologist and you will see the result in few days…


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