What are Some Uses for Iron

Uses of iron are the most common practice in the human history. But in recent days uses of iron are much more than the past times. Here in this article you will find out what are the other uses of the iron in recent era.

Wrought iron

As an example we can consider the uses or wrought iron which is getting used for making the furniture of our daily uses like bed, sofa set, dressing table, dinner table, chair, arbors, decorative fences and many more. Wrought irons are very easy to mold therefore from the furniture maker’s point of view it is very easy to work with.

Alloyed steel

Combination of steel and iron is called alloyed steel which is very useful for any kind of construction work as it can withstand in various temperatures and pressures. Therefore it is very popular in use of any kind of construction purpose such as building construction, heavy automobile parts, ship’s hull, bridges, sky scrapers and many more.

Cast iron

Cast iron is another form of iron which is very popular for the kitchen utensils. You may be thinking why? Because cast iron has the unique property of even heating therefore we can experience the uses of cast iron in the kitchen utensils like,

  • Cake pans.
  • Dutch ovens.
  • Skillets.
  • Cooking hollow ware
  • Cooking trays and many more.

Stainless steel

We can notice the use of the stainless steel in the kitchen utensils as well such as cookware, kitchen cutlery and many other kitchen appliances.

There are some other forms of iron are present which has the great impact of our everyday life. Those are,

  • For insecticides purpose iron arsenate are used in the vegetable and flower gardens.
  • For the cotton dyeing purpose iron acetate are getting used.
  • Iron gluconate is used as a diet supplement for the iron deficiency patients.
  • For the purification system of water as well as kitchen sink cleaning iron hydroxide are being used.
  • Some other form of iron is also being used as the pigment of the paints and various types of dies.
  • Some form of the iron is also being used for the rubber product production process.
  • An alloy of niobium and iron is used for making nuclear reactor for its exceptional strength characteristic.

Tungsten steel

We can experience the use of tungsten steel in making the drilling and cutting tools for cutting purpose of the materials.

Iron in human body

How many of us know that iron is being used in our human body as a most important mineral that our body requires. Iron is used as the transportation medium of oxygen in our body. Hemoglobin which is present in our blood cell, iron is one of the components of it.

Though iron is getting used in our body since our birth but the other modern uses of the iron in different sectors like construction of building, making household appliances, advanced kitchen utensils and many more are the sign of greater use of iron in recent days.

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