What are Subliminal Messages

Theoretically, subliminal massages are related to the unconscious or subconscious mind of the viewer of these massages. There is no realistic thing in these subliminal massages which needs a conscious mind to concentrate on them. It can be understood through an illustration of a company’s logo that is printed in green color on each and every product produced by them. Though green color has nothing to relate with the company or its functions but the regular printing of logo in green color is considered to be enlightening the mind of the viewer to relate this green colored logo with a specific company and reminds him to shop from them.

Subliminal massages are in use since more than a century and have become an essential element of advertising gradually in the subsequent years. There is no rule or regulation to use, understand and access the subliminal massages as they are used with individual decisions of the user. These massages are used in most probably visual advertisements as a specific item to appear on the screen for a moment to flash up in the mind of the viewers to instigate him to act accordingly. These were considered as the medium to washout the brains of the viewers and their associates and that is whyUS government had banned subliminal massages, to be used in advertisements, in 1970.

The ban was imposed on the use of subliminal massages in advertisement only but not on music recordings and films. Though these massages have not been proved to be harmful by using them on advertisements but even then the ban was imposed by considering that the massages are used with evil intentions. Several words or phrases displayed in the subliminal massages on the Rock music records were supposed to be corrupting the youth through these massages but there is no evidence of this allegation.

The words used in several cartoon films produced by Disney can also be considered as example for subliminal massages of another kind. Though these words or phrases are not placed intentionally by the producers like ‘sex’ that appears in the clouds in The Lion King and are visible only if you stop the DVD player at that point. It would have been deleted by the editor, if noticed at the time of editing. Thus subliminal massages are not so worthy enough to influence the viewers unless they are displayed specifically. The children under 4 years of age might not have noticed the word ‘sex’ on the clouds in the film.

You might have seen in some scenes of a movie as buildings are shown with lots of advertisements, though these advertisements are not linked with the movie and neither they are focused by the spectators but they are giving a subliminal massage to the spectators that may get imprinted in their subconscious mind. 

Thus, subliminal massages are words or images in disguise that are used in various manners to attract the attention of the viewers.