What Are Sweat Glands

 There are two sweat glands in our body.  These are called as eccrine glands, (or merocrine)   and the apocrine glands.  These glands are scattered over the largest organ of our body, i.e. skin.  They have vital role to play in the regularizing and monitoring of our entire physical system.  It regulates and controls the body’s temperature, and removes the harmful toxins from the body by its every act of sweat.

It is astonishing to know that eccrine glands are formed like coiled tubular glands, and is scattered almost everywhere in the body.  These glands are comparatively smaller than apocrine glands and do not penetrate deep inside the dermis.  It effectively helps to regulate the body’s temperature, especially in summers and during mental or physical exercise.  If you check the content, it is highly salty and odorless in normal and healthy conditions.  It is mostly located in the soles of feet and palms in hand.  The function of these is gland is that they are helpful in enabling a better grip in hands and in creating friction, which supports the activities like turning off the pages.  The same is also helpful in the excretion of harmful toxins or chemical by diluting it with the sweat.  Therefore, whenever any toxins attack on our body externally, sweat helps to dissolve it.

Now let us explore the apocrine glands.  They also shape in coiled and tubular glands that are mainly found in armpits and groin areas.  They do not release sweat on the skin directly rather, they excrete into the hair follicles.  Therefore, these glands are helpful in protecting the private parts of the body.  They are lucrative in removing harmful toxins from the body.  However, they are highly functional in producing earwax.  In ears, these glands are ceruminous glands.  To add, in the breast they are mammary glands that is ultimate for producing milk.

However, one thing is important to notice is that if the body starts producing toxins, it will cause body odor to change.  When our body is free from toxins then the sweat is odorless, while, if some harmful or chemical toxins are produced, it leads to bad smell.  It is surprising to know that the apocrine glands are not activated until the person reaches to the age of puberty.  This is the basic reason why you had no not need of any deodorant during your childhood.  Consequently, it is always advisable to eat healthy diet, prominently fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts, as well as some of the nuts, seeds, and whole grains.  This would avoid the toxins entering the body.  Furthermore, it is recommended to drink lots of water and other liquid products, from freshly squeezed vegetables and fruits.