What are Symptoms of Liver Failure

Liver failure simply means that the individual person’s liver has been damaged and stop functioning properly. The chief cause for the liver failure is continuous alcohol consumption. In some cases the patients with IBD causes severe fat soluble vitamin deficiency that would end up in decompensate liver. The failed liver results in the stage known as the Cirrhosis. Some of the basic causes of the liver failures are the following:-

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Chronic heart failure on the right side of the heart
  • Autoimmune deceases
  • Genetic metabolic disorders
  • Parasites

Significant functionality of liver in a human body Liver is considered the most important and large organ in the body of a human. It performs wide ranges of functions in just one minute period of time. Few amongst them are Storing vitamins and minerals, Storing glucose, Bile, Blood clotting factors and cleanse poisonous substances such as liver from the body. The bile is a yellowish substance secreted by a liver and this fluid helps in the process of digestion.

Let us analyze few symptoms of liver failure now-

  • Jaundice One of the chief symptoms that reveal the disease condition in the livers is jaundice. You will clearly understand that jaundice occurs when the liver or the gall bladder is in a badly affected condition. The patient’s eyes and the skin color will turn to orange or pale yellow and also flu. Jaundice occurs when the liver cannot produce the chemical substance known as bile. Some of the symptoms of jaundice are poor appetite, fatigue, nausea, fever, cold hands and feet, interrupted breath and edema.
  • Drop in appetite The common symptom of live failure is poor appetite. The person who is affected with acute liver decompensate will not be able to eat properly and therefore they start losing weight. And these factors might end up in anemia along with hepatocytes. Continuous occurrence of diarrhea and vomiting makes the patient grow weaker dad by day. At time patients might start vomiting blood since he will be suffering from gastric ulcer as well.
  • Coloration of stool Other symptoms of liver failure are light irritable or irregular movement of the bowel and the coloration of the stool. The blockage of bile pigment because of certain inflammation or stones are the root cause of the disease in liver.
  • Polyuria and polydypsia Another symptom that you need to concentrate is the person infected by severe liver failure condition is excessive urination and thirst. It is essential that you check with your physician once you detect these symptoms in a person so that we can diagnose the problem at early stage and treat it properly.
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